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im wanting to add an EGT either just guage or a unit with an output to run to my ecu.

My question is with placement, would I be better to install it in the collector before th turbo or in the downpipe after.

Both locations are generally acceptable. EGT post turbo will be much cooler due to that energy being used up spinning the turbine, but most of the time you are interested in changes to EGT more than the actual value. In some cases the sensor is not capable of measuring the extreme temperature found pre-turbine. Do make sure that if you decide to mount pre-turbine that you use a closed tip sensor, as an open tip sensor will likely fail.

I would always recommend going to the extra effort to fit the EGT probe pre-turbo. The temp drop across the turbo can be quite dramatic and it's not possible to conclude what the pre turbo EGT was from a post turbo value. It's really the pre-turbo EGT that's important. Most K-type thermocouples will be able to read to 1250 C which is plenty hot enough for your application. I'd recommend getting an enclosed tip style sensor as they tend to be more reliable.