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Ej20 first startup running on 2 cylinders

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Hey everyone, I'm struggling to workout how to get my wrx idling for the first time since installing the link g4+. After loading the base map I've done all the input and output testing and everything seems to be working as it should. I've done the ignition test and both ignition drive 1 and 2 produce nice big healthy sparks from my coilpack. All 4 injectors are clicking away when I test them individually. I've set the base ignition timing while cranking, I needed to flip the offset 180 degrees..When I start the car, it runs very rough, can't hold an idle and sounds like it is running on 2 cylinders. I altered the injector ignition timing from 360 to 180 as I thought that maybe as I'd altered the ignition 180, the fuel injection might be occurring 180 out. This didn't seem to help at all. I put it back to 360 as it originally was.

I get lots of triggering errors as the engine cranks over and attempts to run as the engine isn't firing properly

If anyone has any ideas of what to try next that would be greatly appreciated.


What year is the ecu for? is it running in wasted spark or direct fire

Check the Link help file in the software, this is what I found for the WRXV3-4:

Some models have the Crank and Cam Angle Sensors (CAS) wired with opposite polarity. Four DIP switches are fitted inside the ECU to allow CAS sensors connection to the ECU to be reversed. There is no direct guide as to which way the sensors will be wired. Some vehicles factory fitted with an immobiliser will have sensors wired opposite.

Set switch positions to either Option 1 or Option 2, as follows:

Switch 1 2 3 4

Option 1 ON OFF OFF ON

Option 2 OFF ON ON OFF

Incorrect selection of switch position will result in the following symptoms:

1.Engine will not run or runs very rough

2.Unstable RPM

3.Trigger Error Counter incrementing

Thanks for the reply, come to think of it the tachometer wasn't operating properly either, this could well be the problem. It's a 1999 v6 wrx. I thought the car came factory fitted with an immobiliser, so i had the switches set to the first option, but I'll try the second option and see if that helps, as the link manual states that it 'USUALLY depends if the car came with a factory fitted immobiliser'. It's a waste spark ignition system, with ignition drive 1 firing cylinders 1 and 2 and ignition drive 2 firing 3 and 4 (from what I've observed during 'ignition test'

The ecu is a v5/v6 link g4+ plugin, loaded with a v5/6 wrx base map.

That was the problem! Cars now idling beautifully :)

Great, Glad it was something simple :)

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