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EJ20G vs EJ207 Block Dimensions

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I have seen that the EJ20G deck clearance is higher (toward the head) than the other EJ20 motors. I'm wondering where this comes from, because if possible I would like to run a set of EJ207 v7 heads on one. Is the different deck clearance because of difference in deck height, pin height, rod length, stroke, or some combination of those?

I'm hoping that it's just pin height (as I saw on one forum from an unknown and therefore not necessarily trustworthy source). If true, and hence the blocks themselves are dimensionally identical, that would enable me to basically build the engine as a closed-deck 207.

One caveat is that the thrust bearing is for sure different, but I'm looking into machining the #1 to accept the thrust bearing per modern Phase 2 blocks.

I've tried googling for official (or at least reliable sources) for this stuff but haven't found anything thus far! Thanks so much!

I have swapped bits from both before. Going from a ej20G to a ej207 with early heads had very little deck height difference. As you mentioned in pretty sure the difference is in the piston. Not the block.

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