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Hi guys so ive just fitted a Haltech Elite 1000 to a Mazda Rx7 FD. now it all runs perfectly but as soon as I press the break pedal its shorting some where and tries to stall. on some investigation I found that once the pedal is pressed its sending 12v to the 5v sensors, also this can be seen across the AVI's.

Now ive traced the brake pedal switch back to the ecu pin 1s and this loops back into a pin that's normally blank. I thought this was the problem but then on testing the pnp loom these pins aren't actually used.

so then I tested every pin on the car loom side with power on then see if there's any change with the brake pedal pressed, now I found that once the pedal is pressed it seems to be sending 10.5v to certain sensors like tps. map sensor and few other, now what could be causing this, I tried new wiring from the pedal to the lights as thought it may of been a problem in the loom but didn't work. with the brake pedal light unplugged everything is fine but obviously no brake lights. any help or suggestions would be great.


I've also depinned avi 2 4 and 9 but these are still showing a voltage?

all sorted now

What did you find? Is there anything we can learn from your experience?