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Looking for some insight on the cam control in an Elite 2500 350z...

Current setup: Elite 2500, Boomslang patch harness, Tomei 264 cams, new Hitachi cam sensors

I have recently swapped my car from the Platinum piggyback ecu to an Elite 2500 ecu. I have got it mostly setup and it seems to be idling and running reasonably well. I am at the point of hooking up Cam Control and am running into issues with choosing the proper connections. I have a choice of 4 SYncronised Pulsed Inputs for the input and 3 Digital Pulsed Outputs for the outputs. My understanding is that I am looking for cam sensor signals for the input and cam solenoids for the outputs. I have tried multiple combinations and have had no significant results. I am assuming that the sensors are working and there are no engine harness faults as the cam timing was working on the Platinum when I unhooked it (the car has not been driven/moved since).

What is the best way to determine which wires I need? Are there any known issues with the Elite recognizing aftermarket cams on this platform? I know that the Platinum had some issues with aftermarket cams but a quick full rpm sweep would clear them up until you restarted the engine.

Hi Denis i would be asking the Haltech tech team for this

Regards Ross