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Elite 2500 Mustang transient throttle improve accuracy to target lambda?

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Hi all,

Looking for some ideas on getting an elite 2500 to track transient throttle fueling faster? adding a log and file from latest session. when viewed in megalog viewer the fueling on average is really close but the last little bit of deviation is the transient doesn't seem to react fast enough. following a trace view it always overshoots or undershoots the fueling commanded by a lot until throttle comes back to steady. with the OEM computer the wide band lambda didn't deviate much from the target unless there was a big throttle input and the transient throttle could be tweaked to fill that in. I've ramped up the very low end of the transient from the default values but the values are still grossly off during low speed low throttle changes. how does one attack this?

Had one thought working through webinar 233. I recorded trans throttle rate - made a filter in Megalogviewer to exclude hits that are enrichment. should assist verifying the base fuel first and come back. I also saw there's some settings in the functions tab that may need tweaked? looking for input on those.

Looking for feedback on the file before switching to E85 and any tips for cleaning up these last deviations.

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You can email me sir. I ve done GT500 with haltech 2500 and crisp at throttle. Response are good too..

Appreciate the offer to support, tho prefer to keep the discussion here on the forum, thanks. look forward to hearing answers on how the log/tune file attached to first post look and ideas for next steps.


bump! Hope to hear some feedback on the log file and tune - get some pointers on dialing in the last bit of transient. One thing that is curious. why does the very high vacuum areas keep showing over fueling? in histogram form in mega log viewer it has a high lambda but if looked at in a trace form its actually wanting a bit more fuel (low lambda). is there a good way to filter the data so that its not being skewed by outliers? filtering by throttle input/transient it still says its super rich when it's actually a little lean. Theory is that the low throttle transients are being skewed by having too little fuel there to start.

Could there be a misfire? That would cause a 'lean' reading on the lambda as it would read the unused oxygen as a lean condition - if it's a rich misfire, adding more fuel will actually increase the misfire and show a leaner condition.

I follow the logic on that. in that case it would show up in both the trace view and the histogram view as lean. What seems to be happening is the trace view shows generally lean when seeking to the high vacuum low throttle points and the histogram is showing rich when the X-axis is Kpa and the Y-axis is RPM for similar values of low RPM high vacuum. it's causing the lower left corner of the base map to look strange as well.

Looking for someone to load up the map and log and provide a 2nd perspective, Please.

bump... looking for a outside perspective on the log/tune file posted in OP for fuel transients. Whats the process for getting a response here?

I think you are going to need to work with a Haltech specialist. Have you contacted Haltech Tech Support? If they can't help, can they recommend an experienced Haltech tuner for you to work with?

If it were me, and I wanted to do it myself (and learn). I would read every bit of help file info provided by Haltech. I would then try to determine exactly what cells in the acceleration enrichment tables were being used in the reproducible case you have. I would then work on changing those values and examining the results. Is it Better, Worse or the Same? Back up if worse, do more if it's the same or better. Repeat until satisfied or exhausted.

This is something that have to work online with sir.. i offered help but u dont want. Then how?

I was looking for someone to help me with my problrm with motec m150 and there is none offer help like i did to you.

And have to solve by myself.

I dont think i can understand what u looking for here sir.