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Elite Oil Pressure Engine Protection

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Hey guys,

My first ECU install/ setup and tuning after doing the HPA courses.

Haltech Elite 2500 on a 2JZGTE

I am setting up the engine protection strategies as covered in the course, but I am having some issues with the oil pressure setting off the DTC code. On cold start, engine starts up fine, oil pressure climbs quickly and no fault codes. However, when the engine is hot and i try a restart after some time, almost always the oil p[ressure fault code activates. I tried adjusting the RPM vs oil pressure minimum table but still no deal. See attached screen shots of the setup. Im going to the Dyno in a couple days (my first time ever) so i would like to get this protection functioning properly.

Thanks guys

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Hello, try setting the DTC delay to 200 ms instead of 20 ms this will give it 2 sec of time to build oil pressure before setting the DTC off.

Regards Ross

Thanks Ross, I will give it a shot.

2000 ms is 2 seconds, 200 ms is only 0.2 seconds (which still might be enough)

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