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Emanage blue

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Any tips on tuning and setup on these

What engine is it going on?

R33 rb25det all ready to go with 3 bar map sensor standard rods pistons t04e turbo external waste gate electronic boost controller

Before you start it's worth noting that the knock and lambda control, although old is still very effective on these engines.

Make sure all original sensors are in good health and full working order, clean the AFM with some brake cleaner and check the lambda sensor especially.

Double and triple check your wiring, most Emanage faults are usually traced back to incorrect wiring.

Don't go too far, the emanage can't cope with injectors that are any bigger than 50% bigger than the originals, I think that limits you to 550cc injectors if I remember right.

You cannot remove fuel using a blue, you can reduce the AFM signal but this will also affect your timing.

If the OEM ECU picks up knock it will drop into the knock map for fuel and timing, to get it back out of this you need to key off and back on.

Thank this will be very helpful

I have quite strong views on the emanage piggy back ECUs which may not be what you want to hear, however I feel obliged to share.

Through my old workshop we actually refused to tune an emanage. I dealt with several cars equipped with them and found that I couldn't get a consistent or reliable tune that I felt I could be comfortable with or put my name to. In the end I found them to simply be too much trouble. Your own experience may (I certainly hope) be better than mine but this is just a word of warning.

Sorry if that isn't strictly helpful to you :(

They really are a finnicky yucky ecu. There are far better out there for your money.

We refer to them as door stops around here.


Just to name one. I realize that you may be on a budget, and i get that. But by the time you have exhausted yourself getting nowhere with an ecu that simply does not work, you could have had one that works properly. I have had GREAT luck with the Link ecus (im sure Andre will say the same). Another option if you are on a budget, is maybe a Nistune board? That would be worlds better than a Emanage.

That's a great suggestion actually 13bjunkie. A Nistune board would be an excellent way of achieving accurate and thorough tuneability on that application. Of course you're still somewhat limited by the technology of the base ECU but it's a cost effective option that is a lot cheaper than a plug & play replacement ecu.

Hello Andre,

When you had the inconsistent issues, was it due to the fact the ecu was trying to re-learn the new settings and overwrite especially in the mid range/part throttle?



The unfortunate thing with the Nistune is that they done have a board for the R33 GTS, you need to source a 300ZX ECU and Nistune that ECU.

I would agree that Link would be the best option for the car, if you can't afford it then hold back on modifications and save up for it.

The E-Manage gets called the Mismanage around here but people still insist on using them. The timing is what I found the worst controlled by piggy back systems, for example the standard Subaru ECU had a IAM (ignition advance multiplier),which advances the timing. If you tune a piggy back such as the emanage with this IAM at zero it will continue to advance the timing during and after the tune. When you reset the ECU to reset the fuel trims you also reset this IAM.

Where the OEM ECU has a nice safety margin you can inadvertently advance the timing into knock with any additional timing added during tuning then once the car hits the road it tries to advance it's own timing using its IAM it means it's never giving a consistent ignition so essentially the ECU is having to work a lot harder than it was originally designed and could swing way out of its operating parameters.

Since most older Japanese cars use the JECS ECUs it would be fair to say they all use this method of 'self learn'

Hi everyone, I really do need some help here on the Emanage Blue. I have heard alot of bad stuff of Emanage, but in the part of world i stay .I do see alot of people install them, and the numbers are growing . As I am trying to get into the tuning world, I figure I should first ride on the wave.

At first I Install the Tuning software on my windows 7 and i could not get an online status with the software and the Piggy back. I read through some forums and alot of them says it only supports till windows XP. So I did downgrade my computer to Windows XP.

I just try to connect my pc to the piggy back today, but luck is out of my way. At first there is a question mark on the USB driver, windows XP does not recognize the Emanage Blue. and i try to install USB driver pack from the Emanage Ultimate tuning software. The windows at last recognize the device. When i Fire up the car and the software I still does not get an online signal.

The Emanage Blue i am trying to connect is an Emanage Blue 2 unit. It uses a printer type USB cable on the Emanage Blue. I am not sure which part went wrong.I have try to look for another USB driver but i am also out of luck. I hope that anyone of you have face this kind of experience before and over come it could advice me to overcome my obstacle.

I've never seen the EMB2, only the original big blue so I'm not sure what the problem could be. I can get the software connecting and communicating using a Windows 10 laptop with the older units

Do you mind sharing with me what kind of cable are you using and also what kind of setting is needed.

Even now i have downgrade my computer to windows XP sp3, make myself a PL2303 serial USB with USB cable. I still cant get it to work.

I have try the hyper terminal test too and confirm the Serial USB cable is working.

When I open up the Emanage supporting tool, it shows online when I select the right com port. but after nothing happen. There is no window pop up prompt me to connect. all the function on the supporting tool have turn in to grey.

I have two cars for me to try here but i cant get them to connect, that frustrate me .

One of the cars are having Original Blue on them.

Are you sure that the EMB's haven't been tuned already and have been password encrypted?

If your tuning from scratch I'd try doing a full reset on them in the software

The Emanage on the car i am sure it is not password encrypted, it is tuned.

I am unable to see what is inside. Yesterday my friend bring his car to his tuner. he just plug in and press ok the data will sync automatically.

Still scratching my head why unable to connect

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