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G'day brains trust

Just wondering if my EMAP sensors need to read as high of a pressure as my MAP sensor or if I can get away with a lower pressure one

This will be for a twin turbo V6 drag engine. Planning on up to ~50psi max boost pressure.


At that boost on a single stage system I would expect Emap to be higher than intake pressure.

As with Michael, EMAP is typically higher than MAP. For 50psi of Boost I would use a 100psi sensor as a minimum.

EMAP will totally be dependent on the turbo sizing and your boost pressure. As Stephen mentions, it's usual that EMAP will be greater than MAP. in a stock road application this might be as much as 2 x MAP, but usually with turbo sizing that we see in a drag application you may be closer to 1:1. I'd second Stephen's suggestion of a 100 psi sensor.

Awesome thank you all very much.

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