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EMTRON KV8 plugin for Evo8

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Hi all,

Any one has experience with EMTRON on Evo8 ?

I have went through the software , it takes some getting used to it.

Currently the aim is to have street/drag car with pump gas and methanol injection.

-Later i will move to full flexfuel.

-The EMTUNE software prompts it needs to be registered by the dealer before it can communicate with the ECU.

-There is no base cal stored in the software , instead it is already stored in the ecu.

-No internal map sensor.

-How is the technical support or forum?

Any insight or pre requisites before getting one will be helpful

Hi Muddasir,

It is a great ECU, becoming far more popular in the motorsport scene with some pretty awesome features.

Having to have the EMtune software registered and getting a code is a bit of a pain, but once its done, its done.

External map sensor is required.

Technical support has been a little hit and miss with us. Some of the support we have gotten has been pretty great. Although when we wanted to try some advanced custom tables and can bus features (which is very unique to a one off build I am involved in) then the support lacked and we ended up having to work out ourselves.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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