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I am having a problem with my short term fuel trim apparently not working on my Emtron KV8.

Bank 1 gets plenty of STFT +% to get Bank 1 lambda in check, but Bank 2 never adds more than 2-5% to the STFT, allowing the Lambda to climb lean 1.1+. What would cause the ECU to only trim 1 bank and not the other when it's clearly reading lean?

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Are you using the sensors in the correct bank. If Bank1 is sensing bank 2 and making the changes to bank 1, (perhaps it stops at the 20% limit) , then the Bank 2 would be sensing bank1 (which is being changed for it, so it doesn't need much change).

To confirm, try removing an injector connector for bank 1, and see which lambda sensor then reads lean(er).

Pin checked each 02 from the sensor to the KV8, all perfect. Ended up retesting all injectors and coils, all passed.

Pulled all the plugs and did a leakdown test. All less than 3% on a cold motor.

Plugs were unevenly gapped when I removed them, so I am going to replace all 8 and see what happens.

I'll still test your theory as well by disconnecting an injector to see if they are on the right sides, but from everything i can tell, the Emtron is set up correctly.

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