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EMU Black - Need help with transient conditions

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Hello fellows,

I'm in the process of self tunning my EMU black to run on my daily. So far so good, tuned the VE and Ignition tables with a help of a professional tuner but i'm stuck with transient conditions. The car is running Drive By Wire

My main problem is that the information inside the EMU black is limited and i somehow managed to flood the engine once a week ago. Had to return the OEM ecu to move out of the garage

I'm running 1g-fe turbo (is200). I have disabled the Idle control that i had and EGO and still can't figure out when the Acceleration enrichment or Deceleration enrichment is activated. I'm testing this inside my garage depressing the gas pedal. From my understandings when i'm doing it it should try to correct the Lambda to not have such lean or rich conditions.

Sadly this is not the case. Acceleration Enrichment in the log is 0 all the time no matter what i do with the tables.

And one more problem... I'm tunning IDLE for 1.0 lambda , i'm correcting the VE table and it is fine. When i drive the car lambda goes to 1.1.

I'm leaning the VE table and on the next morning the Lambda is 0.9 . When i drive the car the lambda is 1.0 , then it goes to 1.1 .

Basically it is a never ending cycle. I have a return line with aftermarket pressure regulator that in theory should work fine.

this was my table when the engine was flooded : https://github.com/damtrx/IS200-EmuBlack-WireHarness/blob/main/lib/is200%20EMU_Black_Turbo-0.6-ACcontroll-added.emub

I've made a few corrections after that but i'm curious why transient conditions are not working

Any help will be appreciated.

In the EMU Black, you have settings under "Enrichment" - "Acceleration" in the menu on the left. Open the "Acc Enrichment" settings, and click on the blue "?" and that will open the help file regarding those settings. It's pretty well explained in there.

Acceleration Enrichment is based on dTPS Rate, which is the rate that you open the throttle in a given time. The dTPS threshold is the rate you must exceed in order for the acceleration enrichment to become active. The amount of enrichment is set with the "acc dTPS rate" table. Then there are factor applied to it in the other tables (RPM, TPS, and CLT). In the factor tables, 100% equals no corrections, over that equals a positive correction and under 100% equals a negative correction.

I can't seems to find a way to open/download your tune from Github, I'm definitely not familiar with that site hahaha!

The best would be to attach your tune and a log if you want us to look at it.

Hope it helps,


Well that makes sense but is something that i'm already familiar.

I will come back with more data like LOG and MAP later. I will setup a few parameters and see how it goes just for Acceleration enrichment .

Log added. Looking through the log file i can see that acceleration enrichment is not working.

Don't have any idea why

Attached Files

In the tune file you sent, your "Acc dTPS Rate" and "Acc RPM Factor" tables are set to 0 everywhere. This will prevent any enrichment to occurs. Also, your "Acc. TPS Factor" starts at 50 which mean that the maximum enrichment would be 50%.

I have attached 2 screenshots, one being your settings, and the other one being the default one from ECU Master. My advice for you is that you put the default settings and build from there. You can do another log then and I'll try to help you if I can!


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Maybe I uploaded a different log but beleive there was a table with numbers.

Anyway I will give it a try and come back with some results.

Maybe I didn't press. "client data" when started the car and the table was set to 0 from one of my previous tests

Modified the tables as suggested. I can see when Acceleration is enabled but it doesn't seems to have any effect.

From my understanding when i press the pedal the Acceleration Enrichment should start and the Lambda should Drop. In my case it doesn't drop:)

It looks like dTPS rate is correct and maybe i need to modify TPS Factor or RPM factor but to be honest i'm not 100% sure :)

Attached the logs

Attached Files

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