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Emu black user defined can bus

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Need a bit off help with writing user defined can.

I need to read wheel speed from my abs so need to put in this

ABS id is 0x4b0

The wheel speed is 16 bits big endian.

But how ? Any guide to this. In message I'd (hex) I'm not allowed to put in x so I can't write 0x4b0 is there a trick to this ?

Best regards Henrik

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I haven't had anything to do with the EMU CAN templates however in the address 0x4B0, the '0x' simply states that the address is expressed in hexadecimal rather than decimal. It looks like the EMU wants addresses in hex form so just enter 4B0 and you should be good to go. You'll also need to decode which bytes in that address contain the wheel speed data and what the scaling is to convert a raw value into a real speed value.

Okay so far I have done this think it looks somewhat right.

But need the scaling put in.

I have done this so far and have the scaling on the pictures.

Best regards Henrik

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Found this in the help file on the black.

But do not understand it 100% as it says value=(Chanel value *multiplier)/ divider + offset

And the info I got is (x-10000) / 100km/h

Also found this info another place (km/h * 100) +10000

So my guess is that I need to put in this:

Multiplier: 100

Divider: 1

Offset 10000

Does this seem right ?

Best regards Henrik

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I have it up and running now with these settings. And seems to work

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