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Ending a dyno ramp run on dual clutch gearboxes

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Dynoing a R35 GTR on a dynapack dyno.

Having only tuned cars with old school manual gear boxes, previously we just step on the clutch at the end of the run to decouple the engine from the dyno. Not too sure what to do though with a dual clutch gearbox though since there is no clutch pedal and slamming it into neutral does not seem quite right.

Given the dynapack is a hub dyno with minimal inertia, if simply I let off the throttle at the end of a ramp run, the dyno is still fighting hard to slow down the acceleration of the engine at max output, it does not have sufficient time to react to the sudden reduction in torque and the drags the engine rpms right down. Like a couple thousand rpms in a fraction of a second. That surely cannot be good for the engine.

What I have learned to do right now is to ease off the throttle slowly and control the drop of the rpm. Just wondering whether this is the proper way to coast down for dual clutch cars on a hub dyno and if not, what should be the proper procedure?

Thank you!

Hi Jerry i just ease off the gas on my dynapac

Thank you Ross. Guess I am already doing it right then. Thank you for confirming.

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