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Enduring Solutions ESL Impreza 97 big inyectors

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Hi, I have a Subaru Impreza 1997 WRX STI in almost original stock form, except for an HKS intake and full 3 inches stainless steel catback exhaust.

Turns out one of the original 550cc injectors went bad and i couldn't get the same set of injectors. So I had to order a re-manufactured set rated at 1000cc that would fit without having to change the fuel rails completely.

Initially it seemed fine, I adjusted the injector scaling to a bit less and it has been sort of ok. Despite it being a lot more rich i didn't have any major issues.

Now I'm having quite a bit of juddering particularly when releasing the gas suddenly and getting back on it either full throttle or just slightly for cruising.

Sometimes It happens when cruising. I suspect one of the Injectors might be bad and throwing more fuel at one of the cylinders?

The other issue I had is that the engine would stall when coming off the throttle hard and trying to get it to cruise or to go full throttle.

Any ideas on what to look for?

The ESL is a bit limited to tune idle and the re injection parameters they call for re enabling injectors when you step off the gas.

Any help what to look for would be very much appreciated!!


Could you attach your file so I can get a look at it? 1000cc injectors are always going to be an issue to get right at tip-in and lift off.

Normally I advise customers to switch to top feed injectors where possible

Apologies for the delay Chris!! Thanks!!!!

I have been swamped with work lately and this is kind of my hobby... not doing it much as I want to these days :(

I have been thinking about doing a fuel rail conversion to top feed. Anything you can recommend for my v3 impreza?

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