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Engine fan setup and wiring in link ecu plug and play

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hey guys,

I have it all wired this 100% the fan does not come on when the battery is connected and the key in the off position. When the engine fan 1 is set to below the current ECT by a lot the fans don’t come on. When I set this to gpoutput and configure a ECT> then 10c condition the fans come on. Am I missing something in the engine fan settings? I’m stumped. This is a ttlink plug and play for an Audi tt BTW, if this helps.

see attached screenshot for wiring and engine fan settings.

Attached Files

I am derp I finally saw this in the help file (in blue). basically saying it wont do anything unless its seen some kind of rpm since the last time rpm lockout.


If the vehicle speed is at or above the Non Driven Speed Lockout and the Engine Fan Temperature is exceeded, the engine fan will NOT turn on. Incorrect Engine Fan setup could lead to engine damage.

If the engine coolant temperature is above the 'Engine Fan X Temperature' but the engine has not been run since the ECU turned on, the engine fans will not turn on.

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