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Hey Andre.I have just read your article.The information that you provide is great.I have a question.Is it possible to build a custom compensation map with ECT and RPM? Let's say 80 90 100 110 120 130 degrees of C and 7000(let's assume that's the rev limit of the vehicle) 7000 7000 3000 3000 etc.I already have a compensation map on with ECT-fuel add.And an extra enquiry.Will you make a webinar or write an article on how we can protect an engine when we test it on a dyno without doing live tuning?(Stock ECUs).If you can explain in a few words the procedure of testing the limiters and the boost in a stock ECU(which limiter prevents us from increasing torque or hp and sets the engine to limp mode).And mentions the gauges that we can use except for AFR meter.Thanks again for your article

It depends on the ECU that you use as to whether you can use a compensation map for engine protection, or if you have a single value that is used for all conditions.

As BlackRex mentioned, what you can and can't do varies dramatically from one ECU to the next. It's much more complex on a stock ECU as this brings in another set of unknowns based on what control and capability you have access to - For example if you are tuning a stock ECU using EcuTek then you could potentially use the custom maps function included in the RaceROM to achieve engine protection. On ECUFlash however this might not be so easy.

I intend to run a couple of webinars looking at engine protection strategies in the near future. While some ECUs offer specific 'Engine Protection' functions, in others you can achieve the exact same results but you need to use general purpose limit tables or similar.

Thanks for your reply guys.My question wasnt correct.Can you explain the procedure of testing an engine on dyno with a stock ECU?How can we find the limits of the engine to increase HP and torque?Do we remove the torque limiters first and see what's going on?I am looking forward for your webinars.Can I use the map that I mentioned to my previous post on a motec m800 as a custom compensation map for ECT-RPM?

Your question is too wide and you are mixing all subjects.

I will try to help you :

-The way to tune combustion parameters is same for a stock or aftermarket ECU

-Stock ECU strategies are different from a manufacturer to another, so you will find many different limiting strategies (torque, boost...)

-Engine torque limit is made by the hardware : cylinder pressure limit, maximum EGT, turbo characteristic, injectors ...

Yes, perhaps too many questions on too many subjects for the one post! :)

As Leo says, the principles behind tuning OE or standalone ECUs is exactly the same in terms of optimising ignition and fuel delivery. The techniques however are very different.

We will be doing some course material on reflashing in the near future which may be useful to you. The software however is very tied into the stock ECU architecture so you see some dramatic differences between different ECUs.

Thanks for your answers.Sorry for the confusing comment.I wrote that too early in the morning :)

Last question.Is the map for ECT-RPM correct in a motec m800 (custom compensation map) 90 100 110 120 130 etc. degrees- 6400 6400 4500 3000 3000 2500 etc.(just random numbers to show you whtat I have thought).

Sure you can do that this way.

You can also span the x-axis of the RPM limiter to ECT or as an example rpm vs oil pressure. The hundred series is very flexible and you just have to get a bit creativ.

Great to hear that.Thanks.Have a nice day

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