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Equal flow/dual plenum/Lehmann-style intake manifolds

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Has anyone real experience or found any good information on intake manifold designs that aim to equalize airflow to cylinders? Something like Audi has sometimes been using in racing: http://www.bufkinengineering.com/intake%20manifolds.htm I have seen some designs on rallycross supercars as well. But I have not found out much about the tech behind it and it is just unclear if it is a trademark design of Lehmann or is it the way to go when compact lightweight functional intake is needed. Would be designing it for 4-cylinder with itb-s and turbo in an application where throttle response and reliability is more important than few hp in the upper rev range.

I can't point you to any design information sorry, however this style of manifold is nothing new and certainly not a trademarked design. You'll find them on a pretty wide range of high end race engines from rally and rally cross through to LMP1. The aim of course is to equalise flow to each cylinder but the specifics are a little trickier to nail down sorry.

Jenvey have something rather similar, in a variety of configurations, but might be pricey if on a budget - https://store.jenvey.co.uk/throttle-bodies-and-components/turbo-plenum - it's a simpler side entry that runs the length of the plenum.

You could do worse than review some other designs and options - there are plenty of designs on-line.

It would seem, and I could be very wrong, the intention is to provide a check on the flow and trade velocity head for a pressure head before bleeding it off into the main plenum, so there 'should' be equal pressure to each intake?

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