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Eurodyne Maestro B5 1.8t Questions

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I am wondering if anyone with Eurodyne experience can tell me how to correctly adjust the tables in the Boost Control section to lower my psi? It is going up to 22psi or a little above and I want to lower it down and start with my adjustments from there. I have Boost PID, Boost Duty, Maximum VE and Maximum VE Under Knock in the Boost Control section. I am running an AWP 630 file and an APR Stage 3 Hardware Kit for an Audi B5 1.8t that comes with the GT28 turbo. Also wondering which measuring blocks in the logger are for STFT and LTFT and also when I can tell when I have moved from open loop to closed loop or how to force open loop? Thanks in advance!

I forgot there is Boost Correction for Air Temp. and Boost Correction for Air Temp. (basic calculation) in the Boost Control section also.

G'day Jao.

Unfortunately I don't have any experience with the Eurodyne gear, but can you confirm that your turbo setup is mechanically capable of limiting the boost level to less than 22psi? You could do this by temporarily plumbing the internal wastegate actuator directly to the compressor housing boost outlet, and bypassing any boost control valves. Make sure to plug any vacuum / boost leaks, as you'll still be running an airflow meter I assume?

From the names of the tables you've listed, I think you're going to want to be modifying the Maximum VE table to adjust the boost targets, but see if you can confirm this with Eyrodyne, do they have any tech support forms, or documentation?

Hi Zac. Thanks for the response. I can't confirm that the turbo will allow boost to drop below 22psi but I will try rerouting the waste gate actuator. I will try to contact Eurodyne about the VE table as well. I know they used to have a forum but now the only contact or support is the owner of Eurodyne from what I understand. I will post my results. Thanks again!

Keep up posted with how you get on. I'd love to know more about tuning Euro's. I'm hoping to upgrade my daily to a 3.0TDI A4 sometime soon, and am very interesting in the tuning options available! :-).

The 1.8T stock N75 valve always had a hard time limiting the boost spikes.

The map you should be adjusting is Boost duty. Some people use Maximum VE but this is an incorrect way to do so. Thats because It would lower load because of safety intervention.

Boost duty directly controls boost.

Also Block 032 Gives you the trim values. If you want to disable LTFT, unplug the N80.

Thanks for the info Daniel! I'm going to adjust the boost duty and see what happens. I guess I'll just use the math function to cut all the map values by 50% and then smooth the data unless you think there is a better way to go about it? I want to get it down to 10psi or so.

Zac, I will post my results as soon as the weather clears up again. It has been in the upper 40's to 50's for a couple weeks but it is 20's and snowing now so I'll have to wait a little while since my tires will not do well in the snow. It's supposed to be 40' this weekend so I might get a chance then if the roads are clear. Welcome to Michigan! I still need to finish my exhaust also so this will give me some time to do that.

yup yup. You can do that. What I would recommend instead trying first is to instead to clamp to a maximum value .

Let's say you want 60% peak duty cycle. You would look at all values above 60 and just turn them to 60.

This way you will have stock-like spool but you are clamping your maximum boost.

After you have hit the boost you want, make sure to calibrate Maximum VE. I have written a guide on how to do so here:


This should fix all boost spikes. If you are still getting spikes then lower the whole boost pid map a bit using the percentage function .

Wait a sec. What is your base spring? Is it less than the psi you want? If not, no amount of boost duty will help you .

You will want to mess with maximum VE as stated Zac, but I would swap out the base spring and do it proper with boost duty control.

You are going to have to use some complicated trickery to get it boosting less than spring pressure. Another way is to limit throttle map.

Thanks for more info Daniel! I'm going to do what Zac suggested to confirm what the base spring pressure is set at and then hook the N75 back up and go through the steps that you outlined.

Sure. Let us know how it goes!

It's been a while since I have been able to work on the Avant but I finally got around to hooking the wastegate up direct. I had adjusted the values in the boost duty tables and had seen a small drop in boost from what I was seeing but it was still up around 18psi. So after eliminating the N75 boost controller and hooking the wastegate directly to the compressor I am seeing a spike of almost 20psi and holding 17-18psi so I think it is safe to say that the boost duty values and the N75 were working just fine.

Now I want to go through and make sure that the BVC values for my injectors are correct. I am using the values for Siemens 630cc injectors which seem to work but I have Bosch EV14 630cc injectors and I just want to make sure I get them dialed in correctly. It has been a while since I searched for these values but I know I was having no luck before trying to track them down. They did not come with a data sheet or anything like that. Any suggestions where or how to track them down?

I want to take care of those values and then check my MAF scaling since I have modified my intake tract. Then finally I will start looking into adjusting the values in my fuel and timing tables, at least that is my plan. As always any help and suggestions are appreciated, thanks!

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