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I want to build a Evo8 for drag purpose what should be the list to make it happen to go 8sec.

I am new to evo so I want ben your suggestion.

like what motor which ecu what gear, differential, wiring ,fueling. etc I mean complete package which will be work perfect.

Do you actually have the car right now? What condition is it in? What budget do you have?

My Evo 8 is stock right now.

8 second 1/4 mile? What is the budget?

bugged is not the primary concern 40k .I think is more then sufficient it can be taken higher if required .

yes for 400 meter.fuel can be e100 or e85.

Having built a number of 8 second EVOs, including an EVO 9 that held the world late model EVO 4WD record with a 8.34 @ 169.7 mph, I'd say that $40k is probably seriously light in the budget department, even if you plan to do every single thing yourself. The answer to your question could easily fill an entire book and there's no single option that will get you an 8 second pass. Plenty of engine and turbo combinations have achieved 8's so some of it comes down to budget and personal preference. I'd spend a lot of time on the EVO M forums and look at some build threads to get an idea of what you'll need to do.

Also keep in mind that it's one thing to build an 8 second car but it's a whole different ball game maintaining and running one. We budgeted around $2500 USD per meeting for maintenance parts and consumables such as fuel, and that was if nothing broke.

Broadly you're going to need to make somewhere in the region of 800 + whp. If you're at stock weight you'll need more, while some have done it with a little less. This means you'll need a suitable turbo that can support around 1000 hp, an engine that will handle that sort of abuse and support 9500-10,500 rpm, and a fuel system to cope. Again there's no fixed parts list to achieve these aims.

As far as the drive train goes you'll need a PPG 4 speed dog box with their taller final drive option and a full set of Drive Shaft Shop axles. If you have an AYC rear diff then it's advisable to replace that with a conventional plate style diff. The JDM vehicles we get in NZ with non-AYC rear ends were classed as a GT model. Then there's ECU and safety equipment to consider. Roll cage, chute, wheels and slicks etc.

Ander my car is a JDM I want reliable setup which can hold up good togather. consuimable item is just normal .I don't want to buy bunch of items and hit and try I want your advice to chose specific item which are best in the market and will work in harmony .

When it comes to an 8 second EVO, reliable becomes a relative term. You're not going to be doing services every 10,000 miles so it's important to have realistic expectations. Here's an article to the car we built with a pretty good run down on the parts used. http://www.superstreetonline.com/features/sstp-1102-2006-mitsubishi-lancer-evo-ix/

I was thinking that budget needed a 1 on front of it,at least, and a quick look through the build Andre referred to would suggest a fair bit more unless you can do a lot of it yourself - in some areas, labour can be much more than parts costs.

Remember, while you seem to be aware that all parts have to work together, that means ALL parts - not just the engine, per se (which would basically destroy your budget on it's own), but the ancilliaries the engine requires such as fueling , cooling, lubrication, transmission, diff's, driveshafts, tyres, full cage, suspension, brakes, etc.

An 8 second car is pretty damned fast - what sort of experience have you got in quick cars, as it might be a big step up if you're lacking some seat time in something fast.

not that fast yet I'm currently kicking 11.5 sec 2 wheel honda .around 600whp.

You may find this of interest - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btG6-z2S_vs

Malik... I currently own an evo on the verge of running 8s. Car was a consistent 9.0 car last year. If you have the car and its 100% owned free and clear 40k for a build budget it can be doable.

There's always a range of options for parts to achieve a specific goal, and this naturally means that there's significant variation in the cost for completing a build that runs a certain time. There's also the long term reliability to consider and sometimes spending more in a certain area at the start will actually save significantly over the life of a car when it's raced hard - A proper dog change gearbox is one area that's a perfect example. Just to give some idea of cost, the car that we built which held the world record cost north of $150k USD to build and develop. This of course included all of the professional labour associated with having a shop perform the build. Certainly not the only way to skin the cat, but that is a real number from a real car that set and held a real world record.

I think a lot of internet ninja's that comment on forums on a certain build or its parts usually "forget" about the costs of labour. Even if you do it yourself or have one of your employees do the work - it's still time beeing spent and it has a value. Also, that employee wants to get paid by the end of the week/month ;)

I can second that, a race car which is somewhat reliable and fast will be upwards of 100k EUR (and more in USD).

There's truth in the saying: cheap, fast and reliable - pick two :)

I can just agree an Evo with 600hp+ built as a serious, reliable an fast Race Car will end up allways $100k+. I would say 98% of people underestimate the true cost for developing such a car. Even if you do all yourself. Building a serious racecar with some custome fabrication needs usually 1000 working hours+. One of my customer spent 8500 hours to built his dream car. Get the calculator and ask your self (and your girlfriend!) if you can really spent that much time in your garage and are you really qualified to do all your self?

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