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Evo 8 link ecu rear o2 logging.

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Hello, I have a 2003 US Evo 8 that I had previously tuned on open source. With my open source tune I was able to wire in my AEM gauge into the Rear o2 and use this to log with EvoScan.

I have now installed the Link G4X PlugIn ECUs. I was hoping I could configure my gauge to Lambda. But I am not sure which AN volt might correspond to the rear o2. Is that configurable with Link? I believe the rear o2 is pin 54. But I don't see a way to select that.

Hello, check in the help file for available analog volt pins but normally I would wire in a can lambda to the can PCB plug on the board or if using an analog type you would wire it to an Expansion loom these are available from any link dealer, in the software follow this to find the pinout

Help, G4X Plug-In ECU Installation Manual > Pinouts > EVOLink (IV-VIII)_EThrottle

Regards Ross

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