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Anyone here tune a lot of Evo 8s? I had someone doing a remote tune for me and the engine let go. curious if a more experienced Tuner could look at my logs and tell me if there's something I did wrong. Tuner told me everything was safe. I would just like to get as many opinions as possible.

What exactly let go on the engine? If you want to fire the logs over I can take a look at some point today if you like

Chris {@}

Thanks for the reply. I sent you the log. A rod, piston parts, and a counter shaft came out of the block.

That log is only showing 1.6 bar and AFR's of 10.1:1 so not a lot of boost and plenty of fuel. There is some knock picked up in the mid range but not something that's going to bend rods. What fuel and turbo are you running?

Car has a FP red and on e85

Can you send me the log and the file too?

Any chance of an incorrectly calibrated MAP sensor? i.e. true boost was much higher than the 1.6 being reported in the log? AFRs claibrated properly too?

Tell me the full spec. of your setup.