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Evo 9 station wagon - RomRaider/ECUFlash/ECUEdit definition needed

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Hey guys,

we've got an Evo 9 wagon in today, customer wants a reflash. So I downloaded the original hex file with ECUEdit, BUT i'm not able to open it (actually with any of the above mentioned programs), because it seems I don't have a def file for this ECU?!

I attached the file, maybe someone is able to view the file and upload the appropriate defintion XML please ;)

thanks a ton,


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I can tell you that the definition you're looking for is 88770005.xml but sadly I don't have it. I'd suggest spending some time over on evom and see if you can find anything.

Thanks a lot Andre, I've already downloaded a couple of versions.

Looks like I can now start scaling the MAF and injectors, aswell as do some VVT, target AFR and ignition tuning.

Sadly all of the boost tables are filled with some numbers that don't make sense.

I've sent Epifan an email, let's hope they can provide the rest.