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Hey, Im wondering if any would know how to set up an excel simulation on braking & cornering of a car. I am currently doing an assignment for my university unit. The lecturer helped us develop this acceleration simulation. Its pretty much used for making decision such as, would you increase the power of the car or buy better which gives you better advantage. changing each variable you can quickly see it is effect. Any help would be nice. Here's a picture of the acccel simulation

[img="blob:https://www.hpacademy.com/11581eea-b817-4184-874a-b12eab7214f9" alt="" alt="" width="935" height="935" ]

I may be old fashioned with this reply, but my experience with higher learning is that when a assignment is set, it is done so that the person doing the work learns from the process of investigating, developing and testing the outcome of the assignment. Asking others to do the work is not considered a learning process and could also be considered plagiarism if that work isn't credited to the original author.

If you had developed the spreadsheet and either couldn't get the results from the data entered to match empirical data and wanted a different set of eyes to look over the spreadsheet to see if they could spot an error in the process, or wanted so different data to test with, then that is different, as you have done most of the learning process to get to that stage.

Wasn't my intention, but cheers for your input bud

Unless you are using a very simplified model it's a massive box of worms. You are talking thousands of dollars for software licensing and tyre models to do it justice, or hundreds of man hours of coding to do it even first order "correctly". Do you have more context?

I believe the idea behind the assignment is to just get everyone introduced to the world of simulations, Im not after anything fancy just a basic spreadsheet with some calcs would work fine, there's not a lot out there in terms of resources covering simulations and how they work. I decided to base my simulations on a 2002 MX-5. Here's the accel sim for more context.

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