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Exhaust Clamp Wideband sensors and Cats?

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Hi guys, I'm about to start investing in a decent wideband and just wanted to ask a few questions before I do.

Firstly, opinions on using an exhaust clamp sensor that clamps near the tip of the exhaust? Are the AFRs still accurate that far down the exhaust? Most of the cars I plan on tuning don't have their own wideband or a probe for one so I'm kinda hoping this is a decent option.

Also will measuring the AFR after a catalytic converter effect accuracy as well?

Thanks for your replys.

Hello measuring the 02 at the tail pipe is not a very accurate way to measure as you will almost always get reversion happening especially at low rpm idle areas i personally never tune this way unless it is a last resort. i recommend fitting a 02 sensor before a cat and as close to a collector as possible, if it is turbo i fit them in the dump pipe. this will give you the best tune possible.

regards Ross

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