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FA20DIT decel map

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I'm using SubaruEdit to tune 2015+ WRXs.

I have been asked to add some burble on decel (I'm not a fan of this but a close friend asked me and he is aware of what it does)

I've been playing around with the maps and didn't find any map affecting decel.

Added fuel to OL and removed a lot of timing under high vacuum/high rpm and it still goes lean and no burble.

I didn't find any Decel Map unless I really missed something.

Any idea where to look?

I would make sure that there isn't a DFCO (Decel Fuel Cut Off) active that stops all fuel under 0% throttle and higher engine speeds. This is normally done in OEM systems to save fuel.

That's what I thought but I haven't seen any table that looks like that...

Can you determine if the fuel is disabled on decel (i.e. is there an injector pulse width or duty cycle channel that can be monitored). Or put a oscilloscope on an injector and see for yourself.

I will do that as soon as I can