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Fail to crank with Haltech elite 2500

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Hey guys,

i'm hooking haltech elite 2500 to my ford focus mk2,on which i swapped the stock duratec 2.0L engine to a mazda L5 engine.

i cranked the engine after each input and output set up well(supposed to be),except for engine coolant temp sensor which is still on it's way,but theoretically it is OK to start the engine without a coolant temp senor,am i right.

the engine seemed fail to inject,but i not sure if the commands for injecting is miss,or just because the circuit is still open.

1、what means by "injector duty 0%" (illustrated by elite tuning page,here i attach a screenshot during cranking for main signals);

2、there is data shown for injecting width on another page,it was not that clear on the night,but you can spot on that data for injection pulse width.

3、Are these two information conflict to each other?(injector duty and injection pulse width),or one for targeting while the other for real operating value?

Elite read engine speed correctly:

Trigger system error counts:0

Synchronization level:half

Synchronization state:running

Needs help to carry on


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Does the ECU see the rpm signal?


Elite reads engine speed correctly:

Trigger system error counts:0

Synchronization level:half

Synchronization state:running

It's either air, fuel, or spark. Did you set up the injectors correctly? And this is electronic throttle too. Is that working?

Take a log of you cranking. Show injector pulsewidth, spark timing, and throttle position and take a screenshot so we can see what's happening. If all the sensors read correctly you most likely need to increase injection pulsewidth or open the throttle more.

Hi Raymond.

Thanks for your instruction.

i solved the problem....elite has a diagnosis function,whenever it finds any signal missed or logic wrong,it refuse to fire and inject automatically.

the real reason is that i chose a "ignition switch input" function which was not applied finally,but i didn't dis-choose this function in elite software meanwhile there was no ignition switch signal input for elite...then it refused to work.

and after i dis-choose that function,elite showed "none" in engine limiting method,and the engine was successfully started.

here i attach another two screen shots to deliver a clear expression.

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