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Fan on idle issue

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I'm facing a problem with my car idling on Link g4+ the car has a cable for the throttle so I'm using closed loop sol/steerper

everythig is working great with idle except with the electric fan kicks on the rpm drops to 400 and comes back to 800 until the fan switch to off and it does the same thing why ? I did look at the fan step ! But doesn't that nake the rpm higher at all the time or only when it kicks in ???

The "fan step" is used to open the idle valve when the fan switches on. It sounds like you need to increase that number a little. If that is not it then I suggest you attach a log and map so we dont have to guess.

Thanks Adam I will increase it tomorrow and see

but increasing that wont make the car idle on higher rpm right ? It only make it quick to adjust to the same idle??

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