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FD RX7 haltech base map.

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Hello guys, I’m in Dubai and have just about finished restoring and building an FD that I bo for $2,000 yes 1 year ago I found it and bought it for $2,000 lol

I’m hoping you guys could help answer a question for me. The haltech base maps you can download from their site that are specific for ether a single turbo or twin turbo engine. Obviously you need to make adjustments to the fueling to reach the target AFR ect but can you rely on there timing maps ?

For example if it was a stock engine and stock boost, would the timing number be safe to use long term ?

thanks in advance guys

Timing is massively retarded in the boost area on the haltech base maps, you'd be seeing unnecessarily high egt's if you wanted to run that sort of low timing long term, personally I couldn't rev past 5k back when I first started tuning mine, until I put a few degrees advance back in.

Download adaptronics "Eugene" and take a look at their 13b base map, it's preconfigured with very good numbers. I'd argue you could tune to those numbers without a dyno and have a safe tune without leaving any power on the table.

Congrats on the lucky purchase btw, wish I could snap up another fd for 2k haha.

Good buying.

I'd imagine the maps Andy developed personally tuning and working with guys like Ric Shaw before moving into Haltech will be pretty good as mentioned. Probably won't happen but it would be great if the next gen Haltech software was able to transfer maps across the ecu family

Thank you guys, I’m just new to tuning and I’ve never tuned a rotary or used a Dyno so i want to air on the safe side. 👍

yeah I’m not sure I’ll ever find a complete FD for $2,000 again lol, check out the build page of the car if you are interested Dubai_rotary

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