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Flash device eliminating lambda sensor?

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G'day all,

I've come across a tuning (flash) device called UPmap that seems to be popular in the motorcycle scene. The company provides preconfigured maps for different bike/exhaust combinations. Users of the device generally have positive things to say about their experience with it. My concern with it is that it eliminates the factory lambda sensor(s) on the bike. So i guess my question is... how reliable can an open-loop system like that be?

Also a slightly off topic question but why don't OE manufacturers use wideband lambda sensors to begin with?

Thanks and regards,


There isn't necessarily anything wrong with open loop operation and this was the norm with almost every aftermarket standalone ECU for many years. It's only more recently that we're seeing closed loop fuel control become widespread in aftermarket ECUs. It's still most common for OEs to use narrow band sensors which means the ECU will only run in closed loop mode at idle and cruise/light load too, so eliminating the lambda sensor isn't the end of the world but it is a weird choice.

Some OEs do use wideband sensors, particularly these are prevalent in European vehicles. The reason that narrowband sensors are still the most common is simply down to cost.