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Hi There everyone,

I would like to get some input on software that is available for tuning OEM ECUs. What is the best, what covers a large part of the car parque, ease of use etc.

We are expanding our existing mechanical business into tuning and are trying to find the best software to suit for file extraction and writing. Range of vehicles incls Ford, GM, VAG, BMW, MB, Nissan and Toyota. Currently looking at the petrol engines and develop from there.

Any help is greatly appreciated..

Cheers Baillsy

What's your budget? A lot of these software packages want you to buy a shop license for several thousands of dollars. HPtuners is good for GM and Ford non turbo engines. Cobb is good for a variety of turbo engines including BMW and Porsche, Ford and Subaru.

I use HP Tuners on my G.M. Vechicle works great . Burning E85 with the HP Tuners interphase. Once you buy a HP Tuner interphase it usually comes with 6 credits . You specifi what brand of auto you would like to tune .Ford, Chrysler, G.M. The interphase will come with 6 credits for that brand of auto . Usually 2 credits to tune a vechicle. Sometimes more just depends. Each credit is $45 to purchase after you use up the 6 it came with. You can have credits for GM, Ford, Chrysle on the same interphase. Ease of use once you learn the software it is easy to use . I can change whatever perameter I want the HP Tuners interphase. Terry

I use hp tuner for GM , Ford and dodge , great device .

Ecm titanium for European .

Bitedit from Russia tuning toyota and Nissan .

For flashing ktag , kess v2 , pcm flash and vf2 .


From your list, they offer piles of Nissan, the Toyota 86, and Ford Ecoboost setups.

They also offer solutions for Subaru, Mitsubishi, Civic 2.0 VTEC, Mazda, and apparently Great Wall.


i checked bitedit and i found that it has some missing maps .

I would like to use it with toyota . i would like some feedback about it if you dont mind


So far is enough for me !

I tuned several toyota's and Nissans as well successfully .

What maps missing ?


that’s sound grt.

I found it missing target afr , fuel at high load map , maf scaling, advance ignition at high load and few others map ..

they have inj at close loop and i guess this is fuel map at low load but im not sure ..

check the attachment file plz

Attached Files

It looks like you didn't post all the map names or show the actual contents, but from that screenshot I can see Mass Airflow Sensor conversion curve for MAF scaling and spark advance correction based on VVT position (probably what you need to use for adjusting high load spark).

There may not be a simple main Target AFR table. It could be more complicated like a GM vehicle with power enrichment, catalyst temperature model, etc. You need to post more screenshots of the enrichment tables.


i just post the others maps .. they only send these 3 pictures of the maps.

Yea I thought the same about mass air flow sensor curve .

I just attached th other 2 pictures

Attached Files

Post pictures of the actual maps under the individual injection maps. Some of those are probably VE maps, target AFR, or some kind of correction table to the calculated lambda target. You need to either change the AFR target, or if that's not possible, change the airflow calculation.


i thought the same and i hope it will be the same as you said.

i bought the software with the module and waiting for it to arrive and check the map in real time to check them up.

i hope the volume will be clear to me as im not familiar with re flashing stock ecu.

it will be my first time.

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