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flat shift and auto blip

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Might be a stupid question but I am new to sequential gearboxs. I want to turn on the flat shift and Auto blip function on my ECU master black ECU and I’m just wondering to know firstly what is required in the lines of potentiometer and switches and is there any extra wiring to be ran for this. The gearbox I will be using is a quaife 69G on a yb Cosworth turbo engine With an electronic throttle body off a Volkswagen golf are32. the Gearbox comes with a potentiometer for the gear Display and I just want to know is there anything else required so I can order it in order to just start the project as soon as I have everything. any help appreciated thank you

Ideally you'd want to use a strain gauge gear lever which signals to the ECU whether you're pushing the lever forward (requesting a downshift), or pulling back (requesting an upshift). From memory the ECU Master can't do closed loop gear cut control but only a timed cut.

Thanks for the quick reply. Must go looking for a strain gauge gear knob have you any recommendations. Also is there a better ecu out there or would the ECU master have an update that would incorporate this feature in the near future thanks

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