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Flat shift on Haltech Elite 1000

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Has any one used flat shift on the elite ecus with a syncro gearbox?

what is a good base to start from?

Updated to the latest firm ware and there is a lot more adjust-ability now.

Looking to see what people are having success with.


The setup will depend on how you're triggering the flat shift. With a synchro mesh box I'd normally suggest using a clutch switch and then setting the flat shift mode to 'While Active'. This avoids any chance of your ignition/fuel cut being reestablished before the shift is complete. I normally use a fuel cut with retard to smooth the torque reintroduction.


Andre, is there a way to smooth out the clutch re engagement? currently it Jolts (decelerates) as it pulls the engine rpm back up.

i suspect this maybe due to the shift being to slow?

You need to balance the ratio difference, shift speed and engine deceleration. Some ecus will allow per gear settings to get this right.

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