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I have recently upgraded my displacement from 408 to 410 on my LS motor. The car was tuned with a 3 bar map speed density tune flex fuel tune. I am going to re-scale my VE table to account for the increase in displacement. I had a few questions about how to go about this. My first questions is with my ECM not having the option to select a primary fuel, do I need to rescale the Gas VE table then the E85 or does it matter which comes first? The car primarily runs on E85 but in the event I am unable to get E85 I will use 93. Secondly, the ROM file does not contain a section or tab to change he engine displacement anymore since the patch was made to the OS. How do I go about telling the computer how much displacement there is now? Lastly I am experiencing heat soak situations after the car is driven for a while and shut off, it is very hard to start. From the research that I have gathered this is pointing towards not enough air at startup when the engine is hot. I do not see a dynamic air tab to increase the air flow vs ETC. How will I go about adding more air. I have attached a copy of my file for reference. I have a 2004 GTO with a 12586243 PCM Thanks in advance.

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