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Fluctuations in injector duty cycle

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recently i have tuned a car and i faced a problem when i push the throttle half way open and sometimes on full throttle that the injector duty cycle does not go linear ( this problem doesn't occur on all the dyno runs ), it suddenly drops and comes back up ( feels like an injector cut ), i have changed the injectors and checked the wiring of them everything is perfect! What i want to know is could the cause be the coils, fuel filter or the fuel regulater?


could be related to accel enrichment, but please post a log file were the issue occurs

What is the engine, vehicle, and ECU? What modifications?

I agree with Andy - You need to log everything to see what's causing this. It's quite possible it's not an issue at all.

Issue is related to accel enrichment, when i turned it off and ran the car everything went smooth and perfect. But how could it effect the inj duty cycle, accel enrichment setup was set to map.

If the enrichment is setup to MAP and is very sensitive then it could be responding to small pressure pulsations.

Senstivity is set to 0 from rpm 4000 till cut off, but its still doing the same issue it is only fixed when i turn it completely off

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