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For those that have used Haltech and Motec, Is it worth switching from Elite 2500 to M150?

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I am in the process building a twin turbo Ford 5.2L modular V8 with functional VCT and DBW to install into a restomod. I currently own a Haltech Elite 2500 and with the I/O expander there are enough inputs and outputs to control all required/desired engine functions. Additionally, an external ignitor is required to safely trigger the Ford coils. The Motec seems to be a very popular choice for folks who build high Ford Modular V8s. I have seen a few examples of Haltech Elites being used on the same platform with good results.

Since many of you have a great deal of experience using a variety of ECUs I am wondering if it makes sense to sell of the Haltech and move to the M150 or make the requisite purchases required to use the Elite 2500 with the Ford modular V8.

This is not a full effort race build, rather a wildly impractical restomod build for which the engine is overbuilt. The primary objective of the ECU is to deliver smooth and consistent driveability.

All opinions are appreciated.

Unless there are specific features you want the haltech is lacking it probably is just money you can spend elsewhere. However there may be a somewhat longer factory support period on the Motec. That does seem to be a bit of a failing for a lot of ecu manufacturers.

You will still need to use an external igniter with the M1 for the coils if they are "dumb" coils.

Good information here, thanks.

There are a few companies that have developed custom firmwares for the M150 controlling a Ford mod v8 which would be the primary motive for making a switch. The longer period of available factory support is something I hadn't considered and is a good point.

Thanks for pointing out that the Motec needs an igniter. The Ford coils are not smart coils.

Does the Motec M1 offer improved reliability over the Haltech Elite? After spending some time looking at the Haltech software the ECU appears to be very capable of controlling a Ford Coyote engine. The ECU's current functionality supports everything I would want it to do so any future updates probably won't be of much value.

At this point, the only justifiable reason to switch ECUs is for improved reliability.

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