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Ford Coyote Boosted Surge

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Been tuning on a 2015 Ford Mustang with a Edlebrock blower pushing around 10psi on HPTuners. Able to get good results on the dyno with power pulls and drives fine, but once i take it on the street i get the dreaded "surge" from the torque control system. Im able to edit the IPC max and min, and wheel torque error max to make it drivable for logging and have been using a posted histogram from the HPT forum and verified the math to correct the inverse tables also. The problem is it dosen't seem to be curing the issue. it moves it around the rpm range but its always there. Any advice on tuning this last piece of the puzzle would be much appreciated.

I can only give general advice because you haven't provided any logs or your .hpt file. When you say it's the torque control system causing surge, which actuator is doing what?

Torque fluctuations are generally caused by the following:

1) throttle closures limiting power

2) spark cuts limiting power

3) fuel cuts limiting power

4) unstable combustion due to poor air fuel ratio control (bouncing rich and lean - could be fuel trims/VE tables, etc)

5) unstable combustion due to insufficient spark advance.

6) unstable combustion due to poor VVT control (bouncing in between cells of the maps etc)

Figure out what's happening at the actuator level and then work backwards to what part of the control system affects that.

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