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[FREE LESSON] Understanding GM Ignition Timing | HP Tuners

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Where can I find more HP Tuners lessons such as this one, or even that particular video on this site? I understand it is offered on YouTube but can I find it here as well? It was one of the main reasons why I got a paid subscription it was wonderful and I am just hoping someone points me in the right direction to find more of them. I have discovered a handful of HP Tuners specific Webinars already.

Please and thank you,

California Greg

Hi Greg, that video was produced only for our YouTube channel however we have plenty of GM and HP Tuners information, specifically in our Practical Reflash Tuning course - There's several GM/HP Tuners worked examples in that course.

I'd also suggest you check out our webinar archive. Go to the webinars page, scroll down to the search box and type 'HP Tuners'. There's currently 12 lessons in there to go through.