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From E85 to patrol.

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Hello guys! I'm Roy form the Netherlands and running a 600whp Audi S2. Always been on E85 fuel and noticed some black stuff at my injector tips and intake/valves. Now i like to run one tank of patrol to see if that wil clean the intake and valves. So i like to know whats the best way to set the tune for running on patrol? Not planning making any power of-course just drive to clean the intake.

Is lowering the req-fuel by 30% and pulling some timing enough for this or do i need to do more?

I have built the hole car but didn't tune it so i'm not an expert! I now working on a new car with standalone and already got it running and planing on tuning it my self. Only waiting on the axles so i can drive! Really like to courses!

Looks like you have everything apart, so I'd clean it piece by piece and put it back together.

Usually you can achieve MBT timing on pump gas in the cruise areas, and even if you might be able to run more timing with E85 there, most likely those areas won't need any work. So concentrating on the fueling should do the trick, but then again, we don't know what your tuner did back then (timing and/or boost by ethanol content, etc. ...) ;)


I had my injectors removed for winter storage and had a look in the injector holes and noticed the dirty black stuff in my intake. I was told running a tank of patrol will clean it off.

My setup is pretty basic so no corrections are made on ethanol content. So you are saying i dont have to worry about timing as long i don't make boost?

You'll typically find that as you move from petrol to E85 you need to add approximately 35% more fuel. If you're going the other way then you could get close by multiplying your fuel table by 1/1.35. It won't be perfect but it'll get you close. As KG said, the timing in the off boost area is likely to be very similar but you need to be very wary of the timing under boost as the engine is likely to knock on pump gas.

Okay thanks guys! Lowered my req fuel by 35% and its running very close to lambda 1 on open loop!