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From Nissan opto 360 TO AEM 24-1 Cas disc

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i have a AEM 24-1 disc at home and whant it to install in my CAS.

So get the nissan opto 360 disc out of it.

What are the settings needed in link ECU instead of "Nissan opto 360"when i upgrade to the AEM 24-1 CAS disc ?

I looked already i see trigger 1 and 2, but what all need to select?

Once i have those correct settings for link i now how to proceed with sync etc.... and with timing light to set correct base timing.

Just need to adjust it correct because car is already mapped on it.

Have you expreiance any issue with the oem 360 cas disc ???

offcourse, otherwise i wouldn't install it.

aftermarket cams :p

just need the settings for it

I do have a customer with rb26 with Toda racing cams and still using oem 360 disc .without any issue .engine spin 8500rpm.a the moment i don't have my laptop with me to lookup the settings for you with hall 24+1 aem disc.

You would need to use the 'multitooth' trigger mode. For Trig 1 set the position to cam and tooth count to 24. Trig 2 can be set to 'cam pulse x1'. The rest of the settings should be the same as for the factory Nissan CAS.

Just a point I would make having had experience with a 24/1 trigger disc in the RB26 before - It's not a fix for all the potential problems you can see with these engines and if you have sufficient cam train harmonics you can still see trigger problems. All is not lost though and if you find yourself in this situation you can add a crank trigger wheel and retain the 24/1 disc as a sync pulse (just using the single trigger input as Trig 2).

Bellotech. Post a logfile showing RPM and RPM ROC. I bet it have problems With timingscatter without anyone knowing. Or do a Power run while looking at the timingmarks With a timinglight.

To kickerzx next time the car will come for a tune i will safe a logfile and post it .for now car is in the body shop and might take a wile.