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I’m going to run my 2jz with pure ethanol

My question is that, can I use ethanol with purity of 96%(the rest is water), it’s not possible to find more than this purity here

another option Which I found is isopropyl alcohol.

fuel system: twin 340lph fuel pump

2000cc injector

Pure 100% ethanol is pretty rare as in most countries it's heavily taxed as it's a key ingredient in alcoholic beverages. Usually the ethanol we use for fuel will be around 98% pure and this is absolutely fine. Water however should not be making up the remaining 4% in your ethanol. Ethanol is hydroscopic and will absorb moisture from humid air but this is not something we want in our fuel systems as it creates corrosion. I'd dig in a little deeper as I'd be very surprised if the makeup is in fact 96% ethanol and 4% water.

That would usually be the maximum percentage, you can buy hydrometers that measure the percentages on-line and they're quite cheap.

There are methods to remove the water content, such as these. - the comments are worth reading, too.