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Fuel cooling

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What benefits will I get by cooling fuel? My main reason is to run engine cooler. Will I be able to advance more? And since the density increase will I need less fuel?

Cooling fuel is primarily an emissions thing. Cooler fuel produces less fuel vapors. On some engines hot fuel can make the engine not start or idle poorly on a hot start.

In modern fuel injected engines, the fuel goes from the tank to the engine bay, and the pressure regulator is in the tank (called a returnless fuel system). On older engines, the fuel goes in a circuit from the tank, to the engine bay, back to the tank, with a pressure regulator in the engine bay. This is called a return fuel system. Manufacturers switched from a return fuel system to a returnless to reduce fuel temperature, so that fuel vapor emissions would be lower.

Mine is a fuel return system. Wont I notice any difference in engine operation? I was looking at the DEI fuel chilling system.


Before considering spending money on cooling your fuel I'd suggest doing some testing to find out what the fuel temp is currently sitting at. Unless you're seeing very high temps I'd be doubtful that the potential for improvement would justify the cost and complexity.

Hi Andre, what fuel temp would be ‘normal’? And regarding coolant temp, what would be the normal running temperature range? I will be using car for time attack/circuit racing. Its a supercharged Honda B16B

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