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Fuel issue

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This might not be tuning related. I'm doing a E85 tune on a customers 2008 EVO. At around 4-5k the AFR's will lean out. I am reading in PUMP so I am aiming for 12.1 afr and I am getting 13.5. I've maxed all the tables out in ECUFlash and still not getting enough fuel. Maybe a fuel line or fuel rail issue and not tune related? The injectors and fuel pump are band new.

Upgrades: DW1300cc Injectors, AEM400 Fuel pump. TD05 turbo (STOCK HOUSING) upgrade wheel from a 3576 turbo. All Bolton's.



I'd suggest monitoring fuel pressure and also checking the voltage at the fuel pump during a full power pull.

The other thing that might be worth doing is actually logging the commanded injector pulse width to ensure the ECU is actually asking for the injector flow you are expecting.