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Fuel options for adding turbo to N/A engine

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Adding a turbo to a Honda motor and have found that people do (at least) 4 different things in regards to fuel pressure.

1. They leave the pressure (and regulator) stock. I can see lots of problems with this.

2. They use an adjustable fuel pressure regulator which I can see being nice to increase pressure enabling lower duty cycles on injectors but I don't think it would help as much with boost.

3. They use a fuel management unit to scale up fuel pressure with boost. Seems like the best option but don't fully understand how this would change tuning the car (guessing not much if any different because it's consistent) or how critical picking the right scaling would be.

4. Combine options 2&3 which would probably be best but also most expensive.

Obviously all other fuel system components (pump, injectors, etc) would be adjusted for the application. Those are much more straight forward.

Wondering if anyone has some insite? By the way this is a street car with occasional track use and a "heavy footed" driver that likes accelerating like a bat out of he11 once the engine is warm.

Thanks in advance!

While it's possible to get a N/A engine running with a turbo on the stock ECU by fooling it, the results will usually be marginal at best and at worst you'll be wiping up pistons and rods from the floor. My strong advice would be to fit a programmable ECU so you can have complete control over the tuning. This is really a separate issue to the fuel delivery side of things.

As far as the fuel system goes you'll almost certainly require a larger set of injectors and a larger fuel pump too. For mild power upgrades the stock fuel pressure regulator will actually work just fine. It's only when you're increasing the fuel flow significantly to handle high power levels that you'll need a larger adjustable regulator.

Thanks Andre.

The engine in question is fully built and the ECU is fully programmable and I have REAL knock detection that I have used to tune it before with no problems. I was just going to upgrade the turbo (more power) and wasn't sure what standard protocol is. I find differing views. In your experience have you dealt with both fuel management units and adjustable fuel pressure regulators? Is there a perk/time and place for either one?

Thanks again Andre and/or anyone else that replies!

An adjustable FPR is normally something you'd consider or need for a serious fuel system upgrade. It allows complete flexibility for setting your fuel pressure and hence you can tailor the pressure to your requirements. As I mentioned above, a FPR is probably essential if you're increasing fuel flow dramatically with a large fuel pump as the stock regulator won't be able to return sufficient fuel and you'll struggle to control the fuel pressure.

Thanks for the great info and advice!

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