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Fuel Pressure Regulator Reference On Engine With ITBS

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Good Afternoon everyone

I would like to ask if it's better to reference the fuel pressure regulator directly to atmospheric pressure?

Right now the Fpr is referenced to a vacuum collector but i noticed that at low fuel level in the tank the fuel pressure at idle drops below 20psi! static pressure is 43 psi with a full tank and 40 psi with the tank almost empty! the fuel pump is the stock one!

That is a fuel pickup issue not a reg issue. Your pickup/pump inlet filter needs to be replaced or modified.

As Michael has mentioned, this is a problem with your fuel system, not the way the regulator is hooked up. It's most common in an itb setup to leave the FPR referenced to atmosphere as it's often difficult to get a smooth and reliable MAP signal. If you have a MAP balance tube then there's nothing wrong with using it however you can't change from one method to the other without adjusting your tune.

Thanks guys for all the support! I’ll investigate as soon as I get the time available!

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