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Fuel pump driver frequency

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Hi all , in deep with a GDI install and after checking wiring etc still could,nt get the fuel pump to run , i have checked and double checked wiring and config etc and still no joy. I am running a Ford ST170 fuel pump driver and have wired it up as per fords wiring and Link config etc.

I had the frequency set to 40hz which is the same as the VW base map , no joy , altered the frequency to 200hz and hey ho the pump runs , my question is , does anyone know the std OE operating frequency.

Cheers Keith

I'll ask Adam from Link to jump in here and see if he can help you out.

Unfortunately this is not an engine/pump that we have tested or have any info on so I'm not going to be a huge amount of help. Usually we would scope a stock car to get an idea where to start.

200Hz is certainly feasible as in the few maps we have the FP control frequency varies from 40-300Hz. Provided you can get fuel pressure to control well and near target then there is probably no need to dig much further.

Thank guys , i got it working on 250hz and as low as 120hz , was going to get the control side of it sorted this week ,but the customer has pulled the plug on the job and taken his car back....could,nt wait a few more weeks as was really close to trying to start it . He is going with a SCS Delta ecu which apparently he can fit his self !!!!.

I now own the ecu in leu of payment etc so hopefully will get it on my own motor very soon.

Thanks for your help guys.

Cheers Keith

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