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Hi all,

I've run a quick search but can't find this topic, forgive me if it's been covered before.

What is the convention for generating a fuel save map?

We run a BMW Z3 with the S54 engine on an Emtron ECU in endurance races. I would like to have the option to switch into a fuel saving map during the race, then a further map for minimal fuel use while behind the safety car.

I have a rotary calibration switch and can configure the ECU for different maps.

Are there any guidelines for how much ignition retardation and fuel adjustment to build in? I'm thinking safe starting points and how I know if I've gone too far?



Hello i have used different strategies over the years depending on the Ecus capabilities often using a low throttle and timer condition to activate another map generally targeting a lean mixture and extra timing depending on what i could get away with on the particular engine we where running

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