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Fuel Specific Gravity vs Injector Size

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question. how fuel Specific Gravity affect the injector size? is there any way to calculate that?

Thanks in advance

Are you trying to work in mass or volume flow? For equal viscosity it will effect mass flow volume flow will be the same.

Can you expand on what you are trying to do?

thanks u just answer my questions the flow will not be affected. its just im working with nitromethane methanol mix and the temperature affects a lot the specific gravity and i was wondering if that could change or mess my fuel delivery efficiency. and how much will affect the tune

I think you would want a fuel temperature correction table. It can be a bit fiddly with mixes as the combined density can sometimes ahift a bit away from just volume balanced averages. It's easy enough to get density at temp data for both fuels for you to at least get an approximate correction factor/curve. I can probably have a go at working out a rough per degree change or something to suit your ecu's compensation setup in a few days if you are unsure.