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Fuel tech 450 CLT wiring problem

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Hi guys, I have a problem, a tuner installed in my LS engine a fuel tech 450 and the coolant temperature reading is crazy, he said that he connected the sensor ground to chassis, I think that this could be the problem, that the sensor ground should be wired to the ecu; Can you guys help me please, where should I connect the clt sensor, it is a gm temperature sensor.

One of the simplest sensors to wire in, and it wasn't done properly. These are like Van Halen's Brown M&M rider clause, it's not there because they didn't like Brown M&M's, it's a test that they did in that if the promoter has fulfilled this requirement, then it is most likely that the major ones in the contract, such as electrical supply and safety, have also been met. I would be checking the rest of the wiring in the vehicle as well.

These sensors are almost always wired to the AT input and 0V pin on the ECU, the only time I have seen I have seen otherwise is with the old school single wire sensors that used the engine block as the return feed. There is a reason why these got phased out in favour of the two wire NTC style sensors.

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