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Fuel Tech combined ECU/Dash

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Just found a interessting looking ECU from a manufacturer i never heard something before.

The fueltech ECU's are a dash with ECU controll function, which looks like a smart idea to me.

Does anybody have any experience with fueltech ECU's?


It's not an ECU that I'm familiar with, however the name has been cropping up a little recently. Larry Larson's 5 second street car is running on a Fueltech ECU so it obviously gets the job done!

Hello Adrian I have been using Fueltech for like 2 years now its a Nr1 ecu product from brazil .yes The ECU it self is a color dash tough screen .and now thee been working with Pro line engines in the US and thee been getting more famous, any question i can help with lmk.Thee just came out the new ECU fueltech FT500 .

I just spent a littel time with the Software. It looks friendly for someone who never had something to do with ECU tuning, but to be honest it's absolutly crap! In short it's absolutly not on today technology. It's like a downgraded Power FC, with a nice looking software. It has not even a properly 3D Map! you can just change RPM line and MAP line! Dwell, and injector lag time is just adjusted with one singel value!? Maybe Fueltech can get into a market where, laptops and good tuning knowledge are rare, or for some DIY tuners, but certainly not something serious.

Think the picture should tell the rest of the story...

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